Dairy Farming Grants DO Exist!

One of the most important jobs in our nation is farming–whether it be the production of a crop or the raising of animals–our country was built upon the basis of an agricultural and animal producing existence.  Technology certainly has helped out a great deal of farmers, but the “mom and pop” farming operation has taken a hit in recent times.  One can look no further that the dairy industry.  With crises faced concerning e coli and mad cow disease, the beef industry has taken a hit. However, so has the dairy industry. The good news is that there are dairy farming grants available to assist farmers in these down times.

There are grants available from a variety of sources. Federal dairy farming grants offer assistance stemming from the Dairy Market Loss Assistance Program to the Dairy Indemnity Program. Each of these programs has a designated target area to help the dairy farmer with–specific monies for specific situations. And, these are simply a couple of examples of federal monies. There are also state and local monies available as well.

Another source of dairy farming grants is through the Farm Aid network. Of course, we all associate more of our recollections through the focus of the musical interests associated with this cause, and sometimes lose sight of the fact that there really is an underlying purpose here. Talent such as John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, and Neil Young (just to name a few of the artists associated with this cause) are musical entities that have lent their considerable abilities to the cause of the farmer–there are specific dairy farming grants available through this network as well. As in the case of the federal grants, there are specific monies available for specific situations and reasons.

Farming takes a specific breed of person and involves a host of risks that other ventures do not have to endure. Because of the magnitude of these potential problems and because of the indelible nature of farming in relation to the founding of our country, there are vested interests and monies available the help the farmer in need. If one is interested in dairy farming grants, a click of the mouse can easily start the process!

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