Agriculture Grants

Gardening Grants

With childhood obesity and poverty increasing, now more than ever before, children need to learn about and work in gardens. Gardening is great exercise and children who help to grow their food will make healthier food choices. Gardening Grants are available not only for schools, but also for after-school programs, daycares, community garden plots, and [...]

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Dairy Farming Grants DO Exist!

One of the most important jobs in our nation is farming–whether it be the production of a crop or the raising of animals–our country was built upon the basis of an agricultural and animal producing existence.  Technology certainly has helped out a great deal of farmers, but the “mom and pop” farming operation has taken [...]

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Applying for an Agriculture Grant

Applying for Agriculture Grants sounds quite easy, but it can be a really complicated process. Most people do not apply for them simply because they do not know how.  However, the whole process is a lot easier than one might thing.  This article will help people realize how easy it is to apply for a [...]

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